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We are building bridges between the corporate and the startup world. Our corporate and community partners support our founders with expert advice on scaling, product-market fit, law and tax issues, financing options, personal coaching, talent acquisition and much more. Our partners benefit from inspiring founder teams, state of the art technology scouting, and have the chance to implement innovative business models in pilot projects together.

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industry experts for your support

Our selected corporate partners help master every challenge a startup is facing in its current stage. They come among others from industry, banks, VCs, and are themselves leaders in their specific category.

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great contacts for your network

Our community partners help startups with networking, finding talent and connecting with each other. They are universities, organizations and associations with a proven track-record of fostering a vibrant startup ecosystem.

Let's join forces and realize our mission together!

Our corporate and community partners are essential to our mission. xdeck offers a platform for mutual exchange and concrete collaboration between startups, corporate and community partners, generating sales opportunities, enabling technology scouting, supporting talent acquisition and strengthening employer branding. Do you want to join us on our mission?